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Yes. In fact, you can receive up to 4 different letters at the same time.

Of course not! We have up to 5 different letter models to choose from. Plus, each letter is personalised by the person who orders it.


You have until the 17 of December, but to ensure that the letter arrives before Christmas, we recommend ordering no later than the 10. If you order a letter after this date, you should use urgent post, since the Postal Service tends to receive thousands of shipments and there is no guarantee that it will arrive by Christmas day. We accept no orders after the 17 of December.

We recommend that you make sure that all the information is correct and that the text contains no errors or spelling mistakes, since it will appear exactly as you write it. Once a text has been sent it CANNOT be changed because it will be in the production process. You are able to see the final result of all letters before placing the order.

We do not have the tracking option with either regular or urgent post, which prevents us from answering the inquiry forms on the shipment status. What we can do is inform you of the date when the letter was sent by post.

No, you can only order via the website, and we guarantee the security of all transactions. We recommend paying with PayPal, the most secure platform on the market.

No. In conformance with the Spanish laws on ecommerce currently in force, only adults aged 18 or over may place orders.



Orders should be placed by the 10 of December so that all shipments are made successfully, or by the 17 if you request urgent post. The letters will be sent during the month of December (unless you choose the urgent option, in which case it will be sent immediately). Up to 12 days can elapse from when we process the order until it reaches your home due to the workload of the Postal Service and shipping companies at this time of year.

Yes, at cartadesantaclaus.com we send letters all over the world.

Our shipment procedure is designed so that all orders reach their destination before the big day. We have a team in charge of making sure that no child is left without their letter. Nonetheless, on an exceptional basis, there may be a mishap in the mailing at the Postal Service, and this is beyond our control. At Christmas, the amount of ordinary post increases, and mishaps can occur. However, if a letter gets misplaced, we guarantee reimbursement.


1)  Credit/debit cards VISA/MasterCard/VISA Electron

          2) Online transfer via PayPal*

*PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to belong to PayPal to use its service. The payment process is carried out with your bank card just like on any other payment gateway.

At www.cartadesantaclaus.com, we have chosen PayPal as our payment gateway because it accepts almost any kind of bank card and is the largest platform of its kind. Paying via an online bank transfer with a bank account number is one possibility for clients who do not want to use their bank card number. You can learn more about the PayPal service at www.paypal.es


We offer a 20 day returns policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our products or services simply let us know. Just return the letter within 20 days from the date it was sent, and we will refund your payment immediately. No questions asked.


We comply with the current Spanish laws on data protection. You can find more information in our Confidentiality Policy and Legal Notice section, which you will find at the bottom of the webpage.


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