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We guarantee a real, customised letter written by Father Christmas. Your child will be thrilled to get it

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To make this magical experience possible, we need you to provide some information:

  • Name of the child who will receive the letter
  • Complete address and name of the person with whom the child lives
  • Names of the child’s best friends and close family members
  • Name of their teacher
  • Any of the child’s accomplishments and achievements this year (class attendance, being a good classmate, etc.).
  • Gifts the child is going to receive this year 
  • A few special personal words for the child


What are our letters like?

  • Large size: A3
  • 200-gr semi-matte luxury paper with shine and varnish
  • Real signature from Father Christmas
  • Original wax seal from Father Christmas
  • High-quality printing
  • Eight designs to choose from so you can pick the one that best fits your taste
  • Personalised envelopes with illustrations of Father Christmas


Extras in the order

  • 2023 Certificate of Good Behavior
  • Cut-out Christmas toy with figures to be assemble


Where can I receive the letter?

We send letters all over the world to all addresses